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Seek the truth. Report it. Ignore lies

In this Washington Post piece, columnist Greg Sargent argues that the media must stop spreading the lies that President Donald Trump espouses. This is something I’ve championed since Kellyanne Conway introduced the dubious concept of “alternative facts.” Journalists are supposed to seek the truth and report it, not just blindly print or air lies and misstatements. If a source cannot provide accurate information, why keep turning to that source – even if it is the president of the United States?

Trump never lets facts get in the way of his story. This time, USA Today aided and abetted him.

USA Today published a press release disguised as an op-ed piece by President Donald Trump. Nearly every sentence contains inaccurate information. We’re used to lies and misstatements from this president, writes the Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan, but not the wholesale printing of them by newspapers. Shame on USA Today for printing the piece without doing its due diligence. The first tenet of journalism is to seek truth and report it. USA Today failed to seek truth. It should know better.


Is the press democracy’s best hope?

The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan wonders, even though the press is imperfect, what would we know – or more importantly not know – about the latest Supreme Court nominee without the press.

Reporter needed for Blair, NE publisher

Enterprise Publishing Co. in Blair, Neb., is seeking a fun, dedicated, adaptable team player with a positive attitude to create amazing content for its readers through stories, video and photography story packages. At Enterprise Publishing, you’ll know your bosses. The family-owned media company, in business for six generations, owns 12 community papers in Nebraska and Iowa. The firm offers competitive pay, paid vacations and benefits. Tell the firm why you should work for it in your cover letter. Contact Managing Editor Leeanna Ellis with your resume and a link to your portfolio or several published clips attached as PDFs to editor@enterprisepub.com. No calls, please.

Don’t be a sesquipedalian.​ Eschew bloviation.

This column from the Poynter Institute, a think tank and school for journalists, urges journalists to limit their use of big words – or if you use them, put them in context.

Why the W.H. Correspondent’s Dinner needs to die

The White House Correspondent’s dinner needs to be discontinued, argues Washington Post columnist Margaret Sullivan.

I couldn’t agree more.

This has nothing to do, really, with Michelle Wolf’s performance this weekend. The dinner never was a good idea. Washington D.C. journalists hobnobbing with the sources they cover and Hollywood types is not what journalism should be about. Journalists should be independent. They should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. The dinner, instead, calls into question how independent journalists are and puts them in bed with the sources they are supposed to cover. That doesn’t sound much like afflicting the comfortable to me.

The dinner raises money for journalism scholarships, but there must be a better way to fundraise for those scholarships rather than failing to maintain an independence from those they cover.

Northeast Nebraska News seeks reporter

The Northeast Nebraska News is seeking a qualified journalism graduate to work in its news organization. The News owns and operates six newspapers and three successful websites in Northeast Nebraska. It needs a full-time employee to help cover events and activities.
Stories will be published on the company’s websites and in its print product each week. The News also generates at least three news video reports each week.

To apply, contact Robert Dump, Crete County News publisher, at ccnews@mac.com.

The danger of comedy?

Conservative Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the House Intelligence Committee Chairman, has shown what some might say a lack of intelligence by suggesting that not only journalists, but also comedians such as Stephen Colbert – really, anyone who makes fun of or criticizes the president or the ruling party in Congress – is a “danger” in this country. What happened to freedom of speech and the press in this country?

RIP Simeon Booker

Simeon Booker reported on penitentiary hangings, lynchings in the Deep South and Freedom Riders. He covered the EmmetTill story. He was the first black reporter hired by the Washington Post in 1951. He added a voice to the civil rights movement. He should be remembered – for his courage, grace and strength to speak truth to power. And for helping pave the way for the all-too-few minority reporters working today. Journalism needs more diversity. It needs more Simeon Bookers.



CBS bringing back “Murphy Brown” – and Candice Bergen

“Murphy Brown,” the award-winning sitcom about a hard-charging female broadcast journalist, is returning to CBS television for the 2018-19 television season. The show won 62 Emmy nominations when it ran from 1988-98, and was even criticized by former vice president Dan Quayle.

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