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The Washington Post picks the 10 best journalism movies

As “The Post,” Steven Spielberg’s new film about the Washington Post during the Pentagon Papers era, prepares to hit the big screen, the papers’ movie critics – with the help of others – put together this Top 10 list of best journalism movies. Do you agree? Have other films you’d nominate?

Two reporter positions open in Nebraska, Iowa

Two reporter positions are open in Nebraska and Iowa. One is the main news reporter for the twice-per-week Nebraska City News-Press. The other is as the main reporter for the Hamburg Reporter weekly publication in Iowa. Both are GateHouse Media publications. Those interested should contact Kirt Manion, editor of the Nebraska City News-Press, at kmanion@ncnewspress.com.

Stanford study says local news will suffer with the demise of net neutrality

To quote from the study, Slowing Down the Presses:

In a world without net neutrality …. The cost of online news reporting will go up, and local providers’ ability to offer quality content will go down.



Attacks against news media “unacceptable”

 Dan Rather is correct. The continued attacks on legitimate American news media operations must stop if democracy in this country is to survive.

GI Independent seeking a reporter

The Grand Island Independent in Nebraska is looking for an energetic, motivated reporter to write  hard news stories involving local government, feature stories on local people and places and investigative pieces. Position also will involve data journalism work. This reporter must be a good interviewer, a skilled writer and a self-starter able to generate story ideas. Social media skills and an interest in digital work also are required.

The Grand Island Independent is an award-winning newspaper with a collegial news staff with a mix of veteran journalists and those in their first few years in the business.

Requirements include a bachelor’s degree in journalism or a related area, preferably with newspaper work during college or afterward. Please send a resume and clips to Managing Editor Jim Faddis at jim.faddis@theindependent.com.

The definition of bullying

Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director, threatens to sue Tufts University student newspaper.

When is there too much reporting?

One reporter apologized to the town of Sutherland Springs for the massive onslaught of media that descended into the small Texas town after the shooting at the First Baptist Church there. Yet this event spawned several important stories that needed to be told. Where do we draw the line? When does the coverage go over the top?

Whom do you trust?

The Washington Post’s Margaret Sullivan argues that President Trump’s drumbeat of criticism of reporters as distrustful is sinking in with Americans.

Reporter arrested for – believe it or not – asking questions

In West Virginia, it must be illegal for reporters to question authority, especially federal authorities.

A West Virginia reporter was arrested for trying to get an answer from Health and Human Services Director Tom Price about whether domestic violence was considered a pre-existing condition under the Republican-backed health-care bill.

Or, as his lawyer puts it, he was arrested “for talking too loud.”

Let’s be careful out there, journos

Journalism has always had a tinge of danger to it. Reporters die covering wars. Investigative reporters can face violence for uncovering scandals and speaking truth to power. Journalists can be thrown into jail for contempt of court for failing to reveal sources. But what is happening to journalists in Turkey lately, is appalling. It’s downright scary when those in power lock up journalists by the dozens simply because the powers that be don’t like what journalists are writing and to muffle voices of opposition. Thank goodness the supreme law of the United States – the First Amendment – prevents this type of wholesale silencing of the press.

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