Washington Post opinion writer Dana Milbank wrote short bios of his colleagues, part of the press that President Trump recently called the enemy of the American people, to show how American they are.

His column includes former Nebraskan Jenna Johnson. I worked with her father at the Lincoln Journal Star. He is the nicest guy and a hell of a copy editor. Jenna attended the University of Nebraska with my son, Joshua. Both served in different years as editors of The Daily Nebraskan. Josh got his journalism degree, but decided to teach algebra to impoverished, inner city youth in Kansas City, Mo. rather than become part of the press. My students and I recently met with Jenna, who is as down home and pleasant as anyone can be.

As for me, I’m no longer a reporter. I teach journalism in college. By extension, I’m still an enemy of the people, I suppose. I was born and reared in Toledo, Ohio, by a blue-collar father with an eighth-grade education who rose to the ranks of management with the Toledo Scale Co. and my mother, who worked in the catalog department of the J.C. Penney Co. and still loves baseball, especially our Detroit Tigers. I was the first of my family to get a college degree.

I never considered myself an enemy of the American people.