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This site primarily is to share information regarding journalism, especially reporting, writing, editing and designing print cropped-n148000015_5418.jpgplatforms.

Teaching and experience
The purpose of this site is to share my journalistic experiences and teaching materials with students, especially Doane
University Media Communication majors. Here, students will find syllabi for my classes, news about journalism, job or internship opportunities, potential assignments and other educational materials relating to journalism and media.

I am an associate professor of practice in Journalism and Media for Doane University, a small, liberal arts school in southeast Nebraska. I also serve as the Communication Department chairman and I am a past president of College Media Association. I have taught journalism classes for 18 years at Doane. I also advise the student newspaper, a student-produced magazine and a student news website, Doaneline. Before teaching, I worked for 23 years as a news reporter for several different daily newspapers in Ohio, Florida, New York and Nebraska.

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  1. It annoys me that an event as serious as Watergate is being trivialized by adding the -gate suffex to every minor political scandal. Sorry, but the Watergate break-in was, to me, an important turning point in American politics. I guesse we shall see
    what new “-gates” will appear.

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