Welcome to Basic News Writing and Reporting. Here, you will find the syllabus for CMM/ENG 113 as well as tips about reporting and writing.

Mentor Assignments

The staffs of The Doane Owl, 1014 Magazine and Doaneline will serve as mentors for Basic News Writing and Reporting students.

The mentor list, with the writers assigned to them, is listed below:

Editor: Student

  • Lauren Wagner: Mackenzie Burch
  • Austin Plourde: Yesenia Burch
  • Jessica Eddmeiri: Allison Priddy 
  • Haley Nast: Yesenia Ramos
  • Stephanie Hoshor: Kayla Starbuck
  • Trey Perry: Kellan Willet (Doaneline)
  • Kaleb Blakemore: Fengyu Zhou
  • Jenn Sorenson: Tyler Pham

These mentors will not do the work for you, but they will help you think of story ideas, work with you to develop sources, help you with questions to ask, remind you of the course’s requirements, etc. They can help you pass this class successfully … if you are willing to work with them.

Five Stages of a Story

The presentation below shows reporters and editors how to organize a story.

Learn Mad Skills with Journalism
Newspapers are dying. Why would you want to be a journalist? You’ll be out of a job before you’re 30.
Fortunately, that’s not true because the skills you learn in journalism and media translate into several different job opportunities. Check them out.