22: Introductions. Review syllabus. Discuss why journalism is important. For Aug. 24, read Chapter 8 in Harrower; also read Bite-size basics for writing for mobile from the BBC, five tips for news writing for mobile audiences and how to use Twitter to write news. 
24:  Great Twitter Scavenger Hunt.

29: Storify. Linking. Writing tools and tips. Questions on Chapter 8: Digital Journalism, especially mobile and social media platforms.  No reading for Aug. 31.

31: Writing tools and tips. My Favorite Dessert. The Wallet Exercise. For Sept. 5, read chapters 1 and 2 in Harrower. Writing Obituaries in Chapter 5 in Harrower. Also, check out the PowerPoint on Writing Obits under Newswriting on the the course website.

5. Writing tools. Do you have what it takes to be a reporter? Reading questions. What is news? Page 1 game. Objectivity vs. fairness. For Sept. 7, read Obits in Chapter 5 in Harrower.
7: Writing tools. Reading questions. Obits. Objectivity vs. fairness. For Sept. 12, read Chapter 3 in Harrower.
12: Writing tools. Questions due about reading. 5 Ws. Writing basic news ledes. Ledes that suck. How to write a good lede. For Sept. 14, read Chapter 10 in Harrower.

14: Writing tools. Reading questions. Rewriting a press release. Just the facts. Five stages of a story. No reading for Sept. 19.
19: Writing tools and tips. More about writing ledes. How to write a good lede. For Sept. 21, read Covering Speeches and Covering Meetings (Chapter 5) in Harrower.

21: Writing tools. Covering speeches and meetings. No reading for Sept. 26.
27: Writing tools. Writing basic ledes. No reading for Sept. 28.
29: Writing tools. More basic, alternative ledes. Writing localizations. No reading for Oct. 3.

3: Writing tools. Writing alternative ledes. Story structures and the Inverted Pyramid. For Oct. 5, read Sports in Chapter 5 of Harrower.
5: Writing tools. Writing sports. No reading for Oct. 11.
10: Writing tools. Alternative ledes. Inverted pyramid and other story structures. Rewriting. Editing. Review for midterm. No reading for Oct.  12.
12: Midterm. For Oct 19, read Chapter 5 in Harrower about Crime, Court, Accident and Disaster stories.

13-17: Fall break.
19: Writing tips. Reading questions. Writing crime and court stories. Story structures. News writing style. Attribution. Research. For Oct. 24, read Chapter 4 in Harrower.
24: Writing tool. Reading questions. Deadline writing. Where stories come from. Finding and using sources. Using the Internet. No reading for Oct. 26.

26: Writing tool. Diversity in news coverage. Gender/multicultural awareness. Observation. Taking Notes. Rock ‘n’ roll quotes. No reading for Oct. 31. For Oct. 31, read Chapter 6 in Harrower.

31. Writing tools. Storytelling vs. Reporting a story. Feature style. For Nov. 2, read Chapter 6 in Harrower.


2: Feature/Enterprise/InDepth reporting. No reading for Nov. 15.
7: Writing tools. Feature story structures. Investigative reporting. No reading for Nov. 9.

9: Writing tools. Writing profiles. Enterprise topics. For Nov. 14, read Chapter 7 in Harrower.
14: Writing tools.  Reading questions. Law and Ethics. Press rights. When things go wrong. Understanding libel.  No reading for Nov. 16.
16: Writing tools. Libel and its defenses. Invasion of privacy. Copyright law. Taste and decency.

21: Writing tools. The 7 Deadly Sins. Journalistic Ethics. The 7 words you cannot say on TV.

23: Thanksgiving break.
28: Writing tools. Invasion of privacy. Copyright law. Taste and decency. The 7 Deadly Sins. Journalistic Ethics.

30: Writing tools. Ethics.

5: Writing tools. Review what we’ve learned this semester.
6: Final, Part 1.