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How to Interrogate (Interview)
Jen Kirkman

Jen Kirkman

How not to interview
Read this engaging, humorous piece by comedienne Jen Kirkman about the stupid questions she always must answer – and the questions she wishes reporters would ask her. Take note. Ask good questions. Avoid cliche questions.

Interviewing basics
Go through this PowerPoint presentation to get the basics about interviewing.

Interview Tip Sheet
This interview tip sheet came from Jason Elznic, a media adviser at Northeast Community College. I hope it’s helpful.
Tip Sheet– the interview

Interviewing materials
Included in these Interviewing materials are notes on five tips to conduct a good interview, how to overcome being introverted, how to get the most from your interviews and a list of questions to ask.

Should you show a source your story?
Should you send a draft of your story to a source who requests to read it before it is printed? Some journalists will do that. I’m not one of them. This Student Press Law Center link suggests that in addition to logistical issues and the obvious First Amendment problem, other legal issues could arise by sharing a draft with a source.