STUDENT NAME _______________________________ TOTAL POINTS __________/40
News Story Grade Sheet

_____/10 LEDE – Reporter engages readers, stresses a news angle, establishes the main focus, offers context, addresses a primary conflict and reveals the story’s relevance in the opening graphs by relying on precise, active language.
_____/15 INFORMATION – Reporter has researched the topic thoroughly by citing key documents, referencing essential information from noteworthy news sources, interviewing a wide range of primary/expert sources, and observing significant details to deliver significant information and to reveal the importance of an event, issue or trend in an objective manner. (Think: how, why, when, where, who and what.) Reporter has employed specific details, data, quotes and facts that clearly state, explain, and/or illustrate key ideas related to the primary news angle. Information is accurate. Misspelling a person’s name results in a 10-point deduction. Students who fabricate or plagiarize will earn a ‘0’ for the assignment and will face disciplinary action from the university.
_____/5 STRUCTURE – Every story needs a beginning, middle and end. Each story must be organized. Ledes should not be buried.
_____/5 GRAMMAR/AP STYLE – Reporter follows all rules (such as names, numbers, titles) for AP Style and for traditional grammar (such as punctuation, spelling). Each error reduces the overall grade by 1 point.
_____/5 WRITING STYLE – The writer uses a variety of sentence structures, and relies on vivid verbs, precise word choices, concrete language, quality quotes and originality in third-person narration. The writer avoids clichés, jargon and commentary.