cropped-images-8.jpgMake Deadline
Late work is not accepted in this class or in the commercial world. Turn in your stories on time. Deadlines must be met. I am impatient with excuses.

Stories are due as soon as possible. If reporting on an event, the story is due within three hours of the event’s conclusion, and sent to me and the Owl or Doaneline as soon as it’s completed. If the event contains breaking news, the multimedia coordinator, his assistants or an Owl editor should be contacted immediately. The reporter should tweet information immediately, then begin preparing a brief for Doaneline. That brief must be completed within three hours. A full-story must be submitted within 6 hours. Breaking news photos should be submitted simultaneously.

Deadline for feature stories, profiles and less timely news will be noon Monday. Late assignments will receive a 0 for a grade. Assignments are late if submitted anytime after deadline. I will decide whether you missed deadline. Stories not submitted to me by deadline, even if they have been submitted to newspaper or online editors, will be counted as late.

Only on rare occasions will the deadline be pushed back. Students will face no penalty if they have a legitimate college-excused absence, such as a medical excuse, that can be documented.

Being unable to contact a source is not a legitimate excuse. Call the source at home. Find another source. Get your work done. Do not wait until the last minute. If you absolutely must talk to a source, send the story before deadline with a note that you’re still trying to contact the source. Once you have the information needed from that source, send it with a note telling the editor where the information should be placed in the story.

Any request for a deadline extension must be sent in writing to me. I will not grant a deadline extension for grading purposes if you fail to notify me in writing with an extension request.

Spelling and grammar count
Nobody wants to clean up your mess. Double check all spellings and grammar issues.

Get help
Admit that you’re having difficulties. See me. Let’s talk. Or, talk to your mentor, who is listed on the home page of this course, or an editor. The absolute worst thing you can do is fail to admit you don’t get it.

Attend class
People who work – and get paid – must show up at their jobs or they don’t get paid. Perhaps they get fired. Going to class is now your job. Your pay is the credits you will earn from the class plus, more importantly, the knowledge you will gain. You need to decide. Are you going to skip and fail or attend class and pass?