Welcome to Beat Reporting, CMM/ENG 213. Here, you’ll find the syllabus, course schedule and other pertinent information relating to the course. Enjoy!

Investigative reporting and its effect on civic life
Six examples are included in this link of excellent investigative reporting and how it has impacted and helped to shaped civic life. This is why journalism matters.

Newspapers and civic involvement
Has the decline in the popularity of local newspapers affected civic government? Read this study, then discuss.

Journalists are human, too
You’re told not to become part of the story, but in this case, reporters in Pittsburgh got involved in a story and not only were able to report it well and accurately, but helped a man out of an abusive relationship.

Beat Assignments

Cole Bauer = Administration/Faculty

CJ Keene = Student Life (dorms, Student government, SPB, etc.)

Trey Perry = Sports