Story ideas
1. Enrollment figures at the beginning of each semester, are they up/down and why. How this affects things like residence hall overcrowding, classroom space, etc.
2. How about what Doane is doing about online classes?
3. What about a feature on what it takes to recruit one student (money, time, people, etc.)?
4. Data on student success based on high school attended, test scores, high school GPA, etc. A profile of the college’s students, if you will.
5. Veterans: Is Doane recruiting them? Why or why not? If so, what are their special needs? Would veterans be lumped in with freshmen? PTSD?
6. Retention. How does it work at Doane? What’s the retention goal? How often does the college hit it? Low rates? High rates? Why is this important? Why should students care?
7. Recruitment: What pressure is put on the admissions department to perform? Is the college’s infrastructure in place to meet recruitment goals?
8. How does admissions compare to other colleges in the region/conference/school size?