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We can differentiate between news and opinion, right?

Can you tell the difference between news and opinion?

Fox News’s Sean Hannity says Americans are intelligent enough to know the difference.

Longtime broadcast newsman Ted Koppel disagrees and told Hannity he was bad for America. 

Are you able to tell the difference between news and opinion? Are Americans intelligent enough to know the difference? Should the Fairness Doctrine return?



Unreliable source

MSNBC’s Morning Joe has barred Trump counselor¬†Kellyanne Conway from appearing on the program because she has become an unreliable source. CNN previously banned Conway, at least for one day, because of similar concerns about the veracity of her statements.

You may recall that Conway coined the phrase “alternative facts” and referred in one interview to the “Bowling Green massacre,” a fake event. She also recently said that Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser, had the full confidence of the president hours before he was fired.

Should other news organizations follow the lede of CNN and Morning Joe? At what point does a source’s information become so tainted that you stop using her as a source? And where, at what level in the administration, does such a ban stop? If the president of the United States continues to make false comments, for example, do you stop covering him?

We’re living in a topsy-turvy world in which belief has become truth and facts seem to have little or no meaning to a significant minority – if not majority – of this country. What does that mean for the future of democracy and our society?

Social scientists study how people process bullshit

With the rise of fake news, social scientists actually are studying how conservatives and liberals process bullshit. Some say conservatives are more likely to be conned.

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