The Editing and Design students will serve as editors and mentors for Basic News Writing and Reporting students.

The editor list, with the writers assigned to them, is below:

Bayley Bischof – Brittney Amezquita, Anthony Anderson, Cole Bauer
Chance Busey – Clayton Anderson, Kaleb Blakemore
Aspen Green – Anna Flores, Haley Nast
Ryan Miller – Kellen Korinek, Brook Stephens
Jake White – Jennifer Sorensen, Lauren Wagner

You are not to do the work for Basic News Writing and Reporting students. Your job is to edit the stories they write, helping them from inception of story idea until the last draft to get it right and make it compelling. You must meet with them to coach them on how to report and write better. I will expect weekly reports from you on your interactions with students, including time and place where you met, how long the meeting took, subject of the meeting and the final resolution.

If you try to contact writers to ask questions, you should expect them to return a phone call, text or email ASAP to meet deadline. If they fail, and you miss deadline, you need to let me – as well as one of the Owl editors – know. Keep any emails or texts you send for documentation. Your grade depends on meeting deadlines.