Fall 2017:
22: Introductions; review syllabus; discuss coaching writers. For Aug. 24, read chapters 1 and 9 in Harrigan and Dunlap.
24: How to use AP Stylebook, coaching writers, editors today, the copy editor’s role. For Aug. 29, read chapter 2 in Harrigan/Dunlap. Also, each student should develop 20 Associated Press Stylebook questions with answers and send them to me by noon Monday.

29: Coaching writers. AP Style questions. Dow Jones editing test. News judgment. Grammar. George Carlin on language. For Aug. 31, please read Chapter 3 in Harrigan and Dunlap.

31: Look for allies. Good writing. Editing for Style. AP Jeopardy. Editing for accuracy and fairness. Spelling. For Sept. 5, read Chapter 4 in Harrigan and Dunlap.

5: Editing for Style. AP Jeopardy. Editing for accuracy and fairness. Spelling. Review for first test Sept. 7.
7: First test over chapters nine, one, two, three and four in Harrigan/Dunlap and anything we discussed in class. For Sept. 24, read Chapter 5 in Harrigan/Dunlap.
12: AP Jeopardy. Editing for accuracy and fairness. Spelling. No reading for Sept. 14.
14: Guest speaker: Tim Linscott, Fairbury Journal News. For Sept. 19, read Chapter 6 in Harrigan and Dunlap.

19: Good writing. AP Jeopardy. Editing for Style. Editing for accuracy and fairness. Spelling. Legal and ethical issues. For Sept. 21, read Chapters 7 and 8 in Harrigan/Dunlap.

21: More editing for accuracy and fairness. Legal and Ethical issues. Local vs. Wire editing. Editing information and writing headlines. For Sept. 26, please read Chapter 10 in Harrigan and Dunlap.

26: Writing headlines. Review for midterm, which will cover Chapters 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10 in Harrigan and Dunlap plus whatever we discussed in class.

28: Midterm. For Oct. 3, read the introduction and Chapter 1 in Harrower/Elman.

3: Introduction to Adobe InDesign. Writing headlines. The fundamentals of design, shaping text, photos, writing cutlines, drawing dummies. Fundamentals of design. For Oct. 5, read chapter two in Harrower/Elman.
5: Drawing dummies, designing stories without art, designing stories with mugs, text shapes, horizontal photos. No reading for Oct. 10.

10: What it’s called, tools of the trade, typography, the four basic elements; Mug shots, text shapes, horizontal photos, vertical photos, dominant photos, the picture combo, the grid.

12: Design fundamentals. Shaping text. Photos. Writing cutlines. Drawing dummies. Designing stories without art. For Oct. 19, please read chapter three in Harrower/Elman. Also, please develop 20 AP Stylebook questions with answers and send them to me by noon Monday.

19: Shaping text. Photos. Writing cutlines. Designing stories without art. Designing stories with mugs. Horizontal photos. No reading for Oct. 24.

24: What it’s called. Tools of the trade. Typography. Designing stories with mugs. Horizontal photos. Four basic elements. Vertical photos, dominant photos, the picture combo, the grid. Modular design. No reading for Oct. 26.

26: The picture combo. The grid. Front page design, making stories fit, inside pages, bad juxtapositions. For Oct. 31, please read Chapter 4 in Harrower/Elman.

31: Photo guidelines, photo constructs, compelling photos, weak photos, digital images, sizing photos, halftones and screens, scanning images, cropping photos, stand-alone photos. No reading for Nov. 2.

2: AP quiz. Making stories fit. Inside pages. Sizing photos. Halftones and screens. Scanning images. Cropping photos. No reading for Nov. 7.

7: Stand-alone photos. The photo column. The photo page. Photo page guidelines. Photo illustrations. Risky business. For Nov. 9, please read Chapter 5 in Harrower/Elman.

9: Nuts & bolts: The flag. Logos and sigs. Liftout quotes. Decks and summaries. Bylines. Credit lines. Spacing. No reading for Nov. 14.

14: Rules & boxes. Refers, teasers and promos. Breaking up text. Jumps. For Nov. 16, please read Chapter 6 in Harrower and Elman.

16: Alternative story forms. ASF presentations. Fast facts. Bio boxes. Lists. Checklists. Q&As. Quizzes. Polls and surveys. No reading for Nov. 21.

21: Quote collections. Charts & graphs. Tables. Ratings. Timelines. Step-by-step guides. Diagrams. Maps. No reading for Nov. 28.

23: Thanksgiving break.

28: Graphics packages. Package planning. Graphics guidelines. Graphics gallery. For Nov. 30, please read Chapter 7 in Harrower and Elman.

30: Bending the rules. The Stewart variations. Wraparounds and skews. Photo cutouts. Mortises and insets. Review for final. No reading for Dec. 5.


5 and 7: Choose newsworthy copy for P. 1 final assignment. Edit copy for the assignment.



1 and 3: Work on first part of final exam – editing.