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First Amendment:

Below is a collection of essays regarding contemporary issues facing the First Amendment, created by the Newseum Institute.


America’s love-hate relationship with the First Amendment

Is a federal campus speech law needed?

The Google memo

Culture wars come to Silicon Valley

Is the Google firing a First Amendment issue?

Recording police is protected speech

First Amendment report card

Many Americans say colleges should not protect controversial speakers

Best school policy: Keep hands off social media pages 

How we communicate is changing

Corporations are cracking down on free speech inside the office – and out



Passionate, patriotic protest in defense of civil disorder

Free press

Is hate speech protected? 

Assaulting a journalist and still winning election

When leaks dry up, we turn to FOIA

Trump’s use of Twitter puts him in Constitutional hot water

A tough question: Just how ‘JeSuisCharlie’ to be?

#JeSuisCharlie — another way to say ‘Freedom’

In the land of the free, why are schools so afraid of freedom?

Legendary editor Ben Bradlee: For it all, thank you

What will keep unfounded Ebola reports from ‘going viral?’

Executing journalists a savage, futile act

Celebrating two First Amendment landmark moments

Free speech

Why protect speech we don’t want to hear?

Duke, Muslims and the politics of intimidation

First Amendment freedoms cast in leading role in 2014

Sure you can say that … but please don’t

Free speech can be a shield or a sword, as Cosby furor shows

Social media no longer just free expression ‘toy box’


For religious freedom and LGBT rights, a year of confusion

Without religious freedom, there will be no lasting peace

As LGBT rights expand, remember the First Amendment

Welcome to college, where religious freedom goes to die

Why branding ISIS matters

With the stroke of a pen

Gay marriage and the First Amendment

Do corporations have religious freedom

Vladimir Putin’s Potemkin village



Fox News-Seth Rich lawsuit

Oliver and coal

Eric Bolling of Fox News sues reporter over sexual harassment allegations

Access to information

Leaking vs. Whistleblowing

Unsure about leaking information versus how to disclose information legally? Watch this Washington Post video for guidelines.


Protecting news sources

Should government subpoena reporters to reveal their sources of leaked information?



Citing free speech, ACLU sues Washington Metro


New Voices

Rhode Island legislation