Ethical: This page contains readings, essays and other information pertinent to the ethical portion of CMM 445, Legal and Ethical Issues in communication.


Reporters and sources


NYTimes guilty of large screw-up on climate change

Leaking phone transcripts:


The right call?

Clashes in the White House newsroom

Anonymous sources:

Which anonymous sources are worth paying attention to? 

When to trust a story that uses unnamed sources

CNN retracts Russia story

The Mooch as Monica Lewinsky? Recording phone calls

The ethical considerations of exposing a source

Fake News

Is Fake News become a worldwide standard?

Play Factitious, the Fake News game

Refusing to run a ‘fake news’ ad

Conflict of Interest

Wall Street Journal correspondent fired


Social media networks

Flashing the bird

Should media organizations abide by restrictive policies on media coverage of athletics by colleges?

Reporters now dealing with online harassment 

Punishing speech is wrong

CNN severs ties with pundit Jeffrey Lord over his use of Nazi phrase on Twitter


Publishing profanity

Racist words

How journalists should handle racist words, images and violence in Charlottesville?



R. Kelly and the chilling effect

Shielding athletes from the media – a disservice?

Azuza Pacific policy