Create a pitch

Your first step in creating story projects is to come up with a “story pitch,” a thought-out plan that shows your editors (and yourselves) a story you:

a. Intend to develop, including the why of the story;
b. Whom you might interview;
c. What multimedia elements you would bring to that story, and how those elements serve the story

Your main goal is to show that you can pull this story package off. That it’s specific and doable. And that it will be relevant, informative journalism for your users/readers on campus.

This will be like a road map for you through all of your projects, even though this first attempt at it may end up only being a draft. Remember that once you get going, your reporting and or focus may change— good journalists are nimble.

Where to start? Spend some time getting to know one another . . . what your aspirations as a journalist are? What Mac programs you feel most comfortable with? What you hope to get out of this project? How you want to stretch and grow? Essentially, you should start getting an idea of how your team will function.

Next, brainstorm topics you want to pursue. Then pare that list down, keeping mind how you would bring a single story idea to life in a multimedia format.
In the end, your pitch should have the following sections:

1) Main story idea (journalistic relevance made clear)
2) Possible multimedia elements
3) Reporting path
4) Team members’ roles in the project