Below are instructions for how to post stories and news packages to Doaneline:

Doaneline BLOX Content System Address:

To Upload a Story:

1) Copy your story from a word doc
2) Log on to BLOX with your email address and password
3) Once logged on, go to the top left corner–there you will see BLOX CMS-Desktop, click on it
4) A drop down menu will appear–go to the Editorial Folder, click on Assets
5) A page with all the recently uploaded assets will appear, click the green circle with the plus sign that says New Asset
6) Click on Article
7) A box will pop up, copy and paste your text into the body section, add title and writer name
8) To tag your story once pasted, go the box on the right title Sections and find another green circle with a plus sign that says Add, click on it.
9) Click on news–>local, then click Add Sections
10) Once you click Save and Close, your Article will be LIVE on the site (it might take a few minutes to actually load)

To add a picture to your article before posting:

1)The section where you added tags, there is a Related tab, click it.
2) It will then say Child Assets, under that click on another green circle with the plus sign that says Add, click on it.
3) Click on Image in the drop down menu
4) Upload the image and put a caption, title and byline for it–Save and Close

To upload a Video:

1) Do steps 1-5 from the article instructions, except make sure to upload your vid to YouTube using the Doaneline account:
Password: Doanemedia1872
2) Once you upload the video to YouTube, copy and paste the link.
3) In BLOX, instead of clicking Article, go to the More folder, and click on YouTube
4) Go to the Video I.D. bar, click Set Video and paste your video URL into the box, click set video I.D.
5) After that, all the boxes should be filled in with the information you had about the video from YouTube, tag it just like you would for an article, except it should be tagged as Multimedia–>Videos, Save and Close

IF YOU WANT ANYTHING FEATURED or BREAKING NEWS (meaning it shows up on the top of the site):
1) At the bottom of the tag section there are blue bars, each with a label, click on the one that says Flags and check the Featured box or Breaking News box depending on the type of story.