Some of the latest tools used by journalists and/or citizen journalists include:

Google News Lab

Google News Lab’s Data Journalism mini-courses can help you find, analyze, interpret and visualize data for compelling news stories.

Be thankful for these tools

The Poynter Institute released a list of media and journalistic tools last Thanksgiving for which it was most thankful. Check it out.

Efficiently record interviews

We all know the problem with audio recording interviews. While recording sources ensures we get accurate quotes, the time-consuming process of transcribing the record to text on a screen can be mind numbing. You know the routine. Listen to the recording, begin typing, fail to type fast enough to follow the audio, stop typing, stop the audio, go back to where you lost track, start again … it’s frustrating.

But a new tool developed by University of Missouri students and alums slashes the transcription time. The app, called Recordly, allows reporters to simultaneously record, transcribe and highlight important passages of their interviews at a minimal cost. Recordly’s transcription services cost $2 per hour of audio after a user’s first hour, which is free.

The top 17 tools for journalists to explore from 2017

Live broadcasts
The Periscope app offers live broadcasts with a twist – the ability to replay them at any time. Each video includes integrated social features that allow people to join, watch, like and comment in real time.

Live video streaming
The app claims to be the fastest, easiest way to watch and stream live video from an iOS device.

Map making

StoryMapJS is a free tool to help you tell stories on the web that highlight the locations of a series of events.


The Stringwire app lets users stream live-video that news organizations can use. Since a beta launch in August, NBC News has used Stringer to document events such as rallies and protests in Ferguson and Occupy Hong Kong. It allows citizen journalists to cover and shoot breaking news events as they happen and share them with news organizations.


Augment your data sets with geographically-related data points by using this free tool from the Knight Foundation and the Associated Press.

Two dozen tools for journalists to explore in 2015

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