A page with tips, techniques and research about digital and social media, including best uses.

The social media guidelines of the NY Times. 

How many times has it happened when someone writes or tweets something stupid on social media – and loses a job or faces more severe punishment? It’s a daily occurrence lately. That’s why most media workplaces have social media guidelines to help their employees understand what is appropriate and inappropriate to say in social media. In the interest of transparency, the NY Times released its guidelines in October, 2017.

How to create a Best Nine on Instagram

This short story explains – or, actually just provides the links – to create a collage of the Best Nine posts on Instagram.

How to trust online news

The reporter’s picture and job title, a label for the story and well-sourced material are some of the indicators to the audience that the new story it is about to read can be trusted. For details, read the University of Texas-Austin’s Center for Media Engagement report. 

Top 10 2017 research studies on digital, social news

Harvard University’s Kennedy School Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy listed this list of top 10 research studies on digital and social media news for 2017. Not surprisingly, fake news (disinformation), artificial intelligence and branding are three topics studied in the research.

Students tell stories on social media
Students at the University of Southern California are telling stories focused specifically for social media. They appear on Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter … whatever and wherever students think they can best tell the story. In fact, USC has created a program called the JEDI Desk (journalism, emerging, digital, innovation) to tell stories specifically for social media. We should strive to do the same.

How one news organization covered the Charlie Hebdo crisis using social media.

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Making digital content easier
The link suggests ways to make digital content more compelling as well as making it easier to find and share.

What’s new in digital and social media?

Do college students miss the journalistic potential of social media?
This piece by two English professors contends that a digital divide exists among students, who fail to see social media as news generators.

Social media guidelines
The American Society of News Editors developed these best practice guidelines for social media.

Twitter Dos and Don’ts

Twitter tips

Hashtag 101
This column by former Omaha World-Herald reporter Steve Buttry explains how journalists can best use hashtags to reach a broader audience.

How to get a job

In this excellent use of social media, Hofstra University students tweet lessons from a group of professionals on a panel talking about how to get a job. Some important lessons here.