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Student papers scurry to make ends meet

Student media at large universities are scrambling to make ends meet now that disruptive digital technology is finally taking hold on how college students receive news, as this New York Times story shows.

Doane students, should we push to raise revenue for Doaneline and the Doaneline app? Has the time come to create a larger, more robust staff for Doaneline?

Ethical dilemma: Is a student leader who owns a Confederate flag newsworthy?

At Ball State University, a student leader who owns a Confederate flag and has been called Ku Klux Chloe was determined newsworthy. What do you think?

Shining the light

People often do things they are not proud of and then try to hide in the darkness because they know if they take credit, they will be ostracized. For example, a few years ago, someone on the Doane campus sent a letter to a professor telling her to go home, that the college didn’t want her around. The professor is black. The Doane Owl ran a story and, though the person was never found, the professor stopped getting that type of correspondence.

Today, we have another example of people doing simply the wrong thing and trying to hide, to keep out of the spotlight. At the University of Alabama, sororities have blocked the chance for a student to join – simply because she is black. The Crimson White, the university’s newspaper, wrote a wonderful story – truly a fine piece of journalism – about this continuation of segregation 50 years after the March on Washington culminated in Martin Luther King’s rousing “I Have a Dream” speech.

The beautiful thing about reporting these types of stories is that news organizations can shine the light in the darkness, where the cockroaches of society dwell, and actually provide a needed service to the community. They can – and do – have a positive impact on society.

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